About Our Chapter

Why We Love 836 Tappan

There are so many reasons why Michigan Beta women are happy to call 836 Tappan home:

  • Our house is located just two blocks away from central campus, making walking to classes a breeze.
  •  Our amazing chefs prepare lunch and dinner daily, as well as brunch on Saturday and Sunday.
  • Our chapter room was remodeled in the summer of 2014, creating a gorgeous new space for chapter and studying. The summer prior, in 2013, our first floor was remodeled to include hardwood flooring and brand new furniture (including a Baby Grand piano)!
  • Other amenities include in-home laundry facilities, free wireless Internet, and an exercise room.

A Letter From Our President

Welcome to the Michigan Beta chapter of Pi Beta Phi at the University of Michigan! We are so excited that you are taking a look at our website, and I hope it helps you to learn about who we are as a chapter.

Members of the Michigan Beta chapter deeply respect our fraternity’s core values, and as such we all strive to be women of integrity, honor, and respect. Our members are open to growth and committed to serving others.  For our juniors and seniors, for example, we have special workshops to prepare them for the workforce and post-college life.  We pride ourselves on our diversity, and that wide array of interests is what allows us to be so engaged in all aspects of the community here at Michigan and beyond.  our members declare such diverse majors and minors, and I am constantly amazed by all the insightful thoughts I overhear during our late night study sessions. 

Outside the classroom, Pi Phis are involved in many organizations and activities. Just to name a few, we have members involved in Dance Marathon, Relay for Life, club and intramural sports teams, professional fraternities, and student government! Whether it is cheering on a friend at her dance show or donating to a sister’s club by ordering Pizza House, our sisters are always supporting one another. It is so heartwarming to know that if you ever need support, your sisters are there to back you up.

One interest our chapter members share with all Pi Phis is commitment to philanthropy and service to others. Our fraternity’s philanthropic efforts support Read > Lead > Achieve literacy initiatives, which support children's literacy. In the Ann Arbor community, we work towards literacy by tutoring students at a local elementary school. Literacy is not only about learning to read, but also learning in general and loving to learn. By volunteering at a local school, we get to both form relationships with young kids and make a direct impact on the Ann Arbor community. My favorite philanthropy event is "Pi Beta Pizookie," in which we invite the Michigan community to join us at our house for cookies and ice cream!  Another favorite of my sisters  is “Puppies on the Porch,” where the Humane Society brings in puppies for us to play with.  Ticket sales and donations from these evens are given to Read>Lead>Achieve.

Pi Phi is a home away from home for our members. Being a college student comes with a variety of stresses surrounding academics, work, extracurriculars, and relationships. Pi Phi strives to be a place where members can truly be themselves, a place where members feel at home. Whether it is finding the friend that will stay with you until the end of every Michigan game, even in the midst of a thunderstorm, or - in my case - the friend that will have stress relieveing dance parties with you at any time of the day, Pi Phi creates friendships that will persevere long after we leave campus. Our chapter members constantly inspire me, and I am so glad I can call them my sisters!

Pi Phi Love and Mine,

Meet Our House Mom, Sue!

Pi Phi has a wonderful "House Mom" who lives in and watches over the residents of 836. Below is a letter from our current House Mother, Sue Hagood: 

Hello! My name is Sue Hagood and I am a retired Registered Nurse. I enjoyed my employment as a nurse, as well as my many other jobs throughout my work life.  I first worked as a House Director in the 1990s when I was in nursing school. I worked at Alpha Chi Omega, and truly enjoyed it. However, I ended up heading into the nursing field. After I retired when I was 65, I decided to return to being a House Mother and got a job at Alpha Epsilon Phi in their first year back on campus at U of M. Then I worked at Delta Phi Epsilon for 2 years. I really loved my experiences at each one, but I was especially thrilled to find out that the House Director job was opening up at Pi Phi!

???????My mother had been the house director in this very house from 1992 until 2002 when she finally retired at age 81. I used to stay at the house for her when she would be gone and I always found it to be a positive experience. Now, I get to experience the joy of this job all the time. I am very impressed by the women of Pi Phi. As a whole, these girls have positive goals and are very down-to-earth. I appreciate how compliant and respectful they have been as a group of young women. These girls are the ones that make this a fun job; I hope we continue to have a wonderful experience together!